Volume I:Issue II, Spring 2006
Published: April 1, 2006

In This Issue:
From the Editor: New Print Edition Available!

Developing For Fun With OS/2 And OpenWatcom
--Axel Meiss

Surfing In The Colorful Chinese World With OS/2 And eComStation
--Chen Biao

USB Thumb Drives And Flash Wristbands With eComStation
--Tom Mullins

Power Tips
Gallery-Desktop Backgrounds

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From the Editor: Printed Edition Now Available!

Welcome to the our second issue of OS2eCS eZine! Our first issue was a great sucess with over 6,500 views! We have received many emails with enthusiasm and good wishes for the eZine to continue. Also we have received some suggestions for improvement. We will gradually impliment changes and improvements as the eZine continues on! Many of you have expressed graditude for our first issue. Also some of you have asked us if we will offer a printed edition of the magazine.

I am delighted to inform you that OS2eCS eZine is now taking orders for subscriptions of a printed edition. This will be an extended four-color edition with greater content than our online eZine. The print edition will be printed every quarter (four times a year). Subscriptions will be available on a yearly basis. Current pricing for a 1 year subscription (a total of four issues), is just $24.99. This is a savings of $10.89 off our individual issue price. As a bonus, once we receive your payment we will send you a $10 voucher coupon to be used as credit for any OS/2 or eComStation purchases at Mensys.

For more information and to signup for our printed edition, please go here.

To encourage new articles, we will be starting a new program for authors. All authors who write an article will get their name entered into a drawing for each article they write. At the end of the year, we will draw three lucky winners. The first winner will be entitled to select from a collection of OS/2 and eComStation merchandise (valued at as much as $100). There will also be a second place drawing (valued at as much as $50), and a third place drawing (valued at as much as $25).

Since the great demand for our first issue, the OS2eCS Organization has upgraded its internet services in time for launch of our second issue. We are now hosting the eZine on new hardware. Previously we were hosted on an IBM PS/2 486slc Model 56 Server running OS/2 v3. Our new hardware is running eComStation v1.2 With this issue we have streamlined our graphics and format to make it easier for our dial-up readers. Those of you on dial-up, let us know if we need to make more improvements!

Enjoy this issue!

Jeramie Samphere, editor of OS2eCS eZine, is a long time user of OS/2 since Warp 3 in 1995. He uses OS/2 and eComStation exclusively in his company, leveraging existing hardware infrastructure as well as new hardware. He currently serves as President and Director at the OS2eCS Organization.

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