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Config.sys Documentation Project

I have now worked more than two years on the Tyra/2 config.sys editor. I hope that it is useful for all the OS/2 users. Now I have started the Config.sys Documentation Project. This is an ongoing project and I'm not sure if it will ever be complete, since there are so many entries which are short of documentation.

This project can only work if I get help from you. So if you know something about a specific entry, then please tell it me. Tell me as much as possible, but if you know only that entry XXX is added by program XXX then it is also useful for me. Feel free to tell me everything you think is interesting. You can also send me only your config.sys file.

Before I put the information here on my web pages, I will try to verify that the information is correct. I will only add information to the Config.sys Documentation Project if I get the same information from at least two different sources.

The project is now also available for download.

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